DND Homebrewed Races 0.01

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DND Homebrewed Races 0.01

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DND Race Homebrews

The Vaxlithel
(Lizardmen, like argonians)

Ability Scores: + 2 Con, + 1 Dex

Dark Vision: You can see 60 ft. in dim light.

Languages: You know and speak Vaxlel and Common.

Walk Speed: You have a walk speed of
35 ft.

Amphibious: You can breathe in both air and water.

Inured to Poison: You are resistant to poison damage.

Swim Speed: You have a swim speed of
25 ft.

Guerilla Warriors: You are proficient in stealth skill checks. You are also proficient with __ (weapons).

Vaxlel Regeneration: Once per long rest you may heal for 1d8 + your con mod as a bonus action.

This Increases by 1d8 at level 5, and again at level 11 and 16.

(Stone Skinned DivineBorn)

Ability Scores: + 2 Cha, + 1 Stg

Languages: You know and speak Celestial and Common.

Stone Skinned: you have a +1 to AC.

Aegis: Once per short rest you may add your Charisma Modifier to your AC as a reaction.

You are resistant to radiant damage.

Divine Energy: you know the light and mending cantrips.

Starting at level 2, you may cast cure wounds on a creature other than yourself at first level without expending a spell slot once per long rest.

The Anubi
(They look like Anubis, if you couldn’t guess)

Ability Scores: + 2 Int, + 1 Wis

Languages: You know and speak Abyssal and Common, plus one other Exotic language of your choice.

Seeker in the Desert: You are proficient in survival skill checks, and make them with advantage whilst in the desert.

Innate Magic casting: At level 1 you know the Mold Earth cantrip.

At level 3 you can cast Earth Tremor at second level without expending a spell-slot once per long rest.

At level 5 you can cast Earthbind without expending a spell-slot once per long rest.
Intelligence is your casting modifier for these spells.

The Synria
(Former Slaves of the Lower Planes. Are to high elves as teiflings are to Humans.)

Ability Scores: + 2 Con, + 1 Cha

Languages: You know and speak Abyssal, Elven, and Common.

Dark Vision: you can see in the Dark 60 ft.
Cannibalize: You may eat a corpse that been dead no longer than 24 hours. When you do, you make A DC 12 Con Check, healing 1d4 + your Con Mod on a Success.

This increases by 1d4 at levels 6, 11, and 16.

One of the Dead: You are resistant to necrotic damage, but weak to radiant damage.

Elven Heritage: You are proficient in perception skill checks.


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